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So our school has this annual thing where they have a mini "carnival" if you would call it that. We take school day, and they order these inflatable things (dodgeball arena, obstical course, human foosball, bungie run) and set 'em up for us. Five friends and I went to the dodgeball arena. They work it so that no one is out, and it's like Mercy, but dodgeball style. Three balls, 6v6. Now the five friends and me are the "geeks" of our grade if you would so label us (even though the school is pretty much 50/50 prep/geek) and we were against these 6 idiots whom which I have hated for years. The game started, and me and a friend of mine (who's like 4' 10") aimed at one specific kid. My friend purposly lobbed it up, which made the kid jump to catch it. What he didn't realize is that his crotch was perfectly exposed... I threw it as hard as I could, and nailed him. For the rest of the game, we threw will all we had. The game ended and everyone cleared the arena. (this thing is like 20' by 20')

The next round was about to begin, and the kids we just played tried to get to the front of the line, when my friend's dad, who was in charge of the dodgeball arena, said "I believe these ladies were infront of you." (there were 2 teams of girls who were friends and wanted to play eachother) and the guys were like "No, we were here!" and my friend's dad was like "I saw you guys just get out of there. Now if you want, I can have it arranged for you to sit infront of the office for the rest of the day. So what'll it be?" The guys walked to the back of the line.

When they went in for their turn, this one kid was being really reckless, and kept smaking people (with hands) and just being the jerk that he is. He got out, and immediatly was like "I'm going in again!" and again, my friend's dad came over and said "No you aren't. You are a liability." The kid said "Liability?" Friend's dad: "Yeah, I know it's too big of a word for you to understand." The kid walked away, pouting cause he didn't get his way.

tl;dr: I played some jerks in dodgeball, and had a blast as they got in trouble for being out of control.
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