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Michigan Ballers

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Michigan ballers post here, starting this thread again.

So-Mich 248 Baller #3
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agg l337 area code 49024
dah, im retarded leave me alone
if your so damn retarted, how can you have a good gun.

because i work for stuff, and i just got mixed up
Wow that's weird. I use all of the area codes on this thread. It's weird when I see people on this forum that live so close to me. I live like 30 minutes away from Remix.

There is also someone on this board from Howell, which is 517.
Howell, Really? I live a couple of minutes from Howell
I'm just down the road too.... Live in Dearborn Heights

btw, is anybody besides myself going to the monster game at hellsurvivors?

area code is 313
Well, i'm not going to the Monster Game, but I'm going to the Tippmann World Challenge at Hell Survivors.
im going to Michigan Monster game, and so is tedrzz
I'll probably be at the tippman challenge also. But, in the meantime, I'll probably be at futureball this next weekend.
Yeah I'm going to futureball this weekend, and I'm going to the monster game and tippmann world challenge.
I'll probably be there on the 26th. Look around for a guy wearing a flurry pack. I only know two guys that wear them up there, I'm one, my budy is the other.
Whoa so is mine.
1 - 20 of 217 Posts
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