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OK I know my field name is Micro and all my tags everywhere are Micromag, but it's time to offer up my Micromag to the world. This gun has been very reliable. I just reworked the gun and it is running very smooth

It has
45 frame with Hogue grips
(Basically same as Dye grips but usually go on real guns with 45 frames)
micromag valve (I believe level 7)
tournament velocity adjuster and stock one
foamiless bolt
venturi bolt
armson tube spacer kit
true flow valve kit
five springs
microline fittings
one and a half automag kits
two armson elbows
mag oil
nice two level marker case
9v revy included

Micromag stock
Smart Parts All American
Lapco (One of the originals, scratched but still shoots darts)

can include speed stock if wanted

PBN Feedback in sig
ebay score 10 name jag6305
It's easy to look it up.

For sale for $250 OBO

Trades wanting Trixes, Imps, Ions, shockers, nerves, any matrix I can add cash. You can add cash. Any trade considered. Just offer.


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Offer Up
Level 7 Micromag valve
I believe as fast as an x just a tad bit heavier
This however is the lightest marker ever (unless you tossed an x valve in it)
Great for front

VL 9 volt revy included
case included
barrels included
Great Deal
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