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OK I know my field name is Micro and all my tags everywhere are Micromag, but it's time to offer up my micromag to the world.

I'm getting rid of the mag with a number of woodsball items. I've loved this gun since the day I got it. I've put a lot of ups into this gun.
I have however switched over to my 05 Proto and love it.
I recently have been running HPA/Nitro on the mag and it has been running smooth. Anyone who purchases would be pleased.
If you're trading me out please no low balls.

It has
45 frame with Hogue grips
(Basically same as Dye grips but usually go on real guns with 45 frames)
micromag valve
foamiless bolt
venturi bolt
armson tube spacer kit
true flow valve kit
five springs
one and a half automag kits
armson pro dot sight. If you like sights this thing is amazing
two armson elbows

I'll toss in the micromag barrel
and then we can talk about any of these
my barrels

extra equipment I can include or can be parted out is
gun case
smart parts remote line with quick disconnect and on off that goes directly into the valve or with an included adapter goes into an ASA
the armson pro dot sight
4+1 harness with pods
JT proshield
Viewloader Revy
Tiger stripe uniform
Tiger stripe Sandana

I'm looking for about $300 for everything depending on what options you choose and what barrels. Let me know. I can also include a brand new 20 oz CO2. Let me know what you can do.

Here are the pics

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