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Hello Nation!
It is time for me to quit playing paintball. College and living costs have become too high for me to keep playing. Here I have my 2 PE Geo 2’s. Here are the rules….

1. Paypal Only
2. I will ship USPS Flat Rate Box unless you say otherwise.
3. You pay shipping and Paypal fees
4. Must exchange contact information with each other
5. If you are under 18, your parents will be involved.
6. You pay then I ship
7. My guns work flawlessly. If you get one and tell me something is wrong I will assume you broke it.
8. Both guns come with Box and hard case.
9. PM serious offers only. If you want to lowball feel free to up my thread.

Midnight Geo 2: $775 + 10 for shipping!
I have only shot through this gun what the shot counter says in the picture. Cnoddings was the previous owner and we all know he barely puts anything though his guns because he always has a new one! The gun will come with everything as it would new EXCEPT the PE DVD and the PE barrel sleeve. I will include a full bottle of Sl33K since the PE grease is almost gone. Here are the pics….

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