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i play for keeps
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any millencolin fans on pbf? if oyu dont know they are a punk(rock) band from sweden and kick ass. if so whats your favorite couple of songs? New cd is due out around march next far away.....

my favorites
highway donkey
random i am
trenday winds
penguins and polarbears
lozin must
battery check
dance crazy
monkey boogie

ahhh i could keep going.....

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I LOVE U! March next year....must write down. I'm a huge fan of these guys, my friend got me into them and its just great stuff. never a bad time to play it. Only thing is u can't find their cds around....I was looking for "For Monkeys" at my local store but nope not there :(.

Move your car
Surfing in my room (used to hate it)
Man or Mouse
Material Boy

^but hey lets be honest, its all good.

Its so hard to understand what those damns sweds are saying sometimes!

i play for keeps
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haha especially the older stuff. like Life On a Plate and older you can barely comprehend them cuz of the swedishness.

great stuff though, all upbeat and happy. music is about nothing but funny stuff


taken from epitaph records website. this is what i wanted to hear. home from home was a little more serious, but not so with the new cd coming out. This was posted November 4th.


We are now finally done with the recording of our new album! We are really satisfied how it came out! It's really hard for us to explain the direction of the new songs, since we've lived with them for so long now and are too used to them. But it's faster and less rock-influenced compared to Home From Home. More punk with melodies we're pretty sure you'll like!

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No Cigar, Fox,and Penguins and Polarbears

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One of my all-time favorite bands. They're from Örebro, which is near the place I was born at as well.

Some of my favorite songs would be:
∙ Domestic Subway
∙ Airhead
∙ Killercrush
∙ Friends 'Til the End
∙ Lozin Must
∙ Black Gold
∙ Shake Me
∙ In a Room
∙ Nosepicker
∙ No Cigar
∙ Pepper
∙ Fingers Crossed
∙ Absolute Zero
∙ Queen's Gambit
∙ Bull by the Horns
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