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I have created a whole new mini game in halo. You need 2-4 players to play. I'ts called Halo Golf.

1. Find a long stretch of ground to play on
2. Set one person as the "pin"
3. Have the person ready to shoot, get to the designated firing area
4. Throw two plasma grenades, one slightly in front of the other. This takes some practice to get it right.
5. If done right, the first grenade should go off, and the second should be rocketed off toward the pin.
6. Points are given to how much health is subtracted when the grenade blows.
7. Each participent gets 3 shots. If the second grenade is not flung, that is a miss, and you get 2 of those. If you get two misses when you are up, you are out. Each person playing gets 2 outs. Then the game ends. Count scores to see who wins.

1. You get 1 point for each bar of health taken away. If you aim right, the horizontal bar should go away every time. I'm talking about the small bar under that.
2. You get 3 points for killing the pin
3. You get 5 points for sticking the grenade to the pin.

Other things---------------------
1. You can only use plasma grenades, not the human frag grenades.

Have fun!:D

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u kow whats more fun? sending the warthogs nto the stratusphere and xtreme ghost baby!!! have u ever gotten the ghost out of the gultch? that is sweet too
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