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Hollywood Sports Park Presents:
Mission Impossible
"Scenario Paintball Series"​

When: May 20th - August 5th - November 24th & 25th

Where: Hollywood Sports Park, Bellflower CA


Mission Impossible is a Field Paint Only event
Entry (Pre-Reg) - $35.00*
Entry (Day Of) - $40.00*
Paint - Starts at $35.00
*Price includes All Day Air

Games Start: 10:00am

SPECIAL TWO-DAY GAME: The November 24th-25th Mission Impossible event will run for two days. Full weekend entry is $50, playing just one day is $35. Camping will be available for this unique weekend.

In addition to epic paintball battles, there will be lots of food and thousands of dollars in raffle giveaways!

Sponsored by: Tippmann, Spyder, Gen X Global, KEE, and Bandit Splats Paintball
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