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I'm not sure if you're on this fourm Modo, but I love going to your field.

It's basically a forest field with lots of bunkers, tubes, hinding spots, etc.

His rules are basically "If it's not nailed down, you cant move it."

He lets up play there for free onS undays at like 12 (noon).
I'm atually not sure if it's still free, goin there this sunday. :D

It's a big field, lots of stuff. Just dont go sneaking by the boundaries, cause I did and the whole other teamw as there.

It's on Jimmy Leeds Road (spelling?) past the hospital and all in NJ.

Me n my friends (our team) are goin there this sunday liek I said and hopefully he still plays.:D

p.s. Yes I did just register, me n my friends playe d1 on 1 today. Fun fun fun.
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