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Pretty cool. My friend just invited me to go see Flaw at Bogart's on the 22nd. Then, after that, it's only a couple of weeks to Ozzfest. From there, I now have tickets reserved for A Perfect Circle on April 20th at the Taft Theater. (I have an extra ticket if someone lives near me and I don't find anyone. thumup: ) On top of that, TooL's next album is currently being made. Good times ahead :smokin

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I'm going to masters of rock in czech republic on July 3rd. I'll be visiting my mom's side of the family for a couple days afterwords.

The bands:

Europe (Swe)
Helloween (Ger)
Stratovarius (Fin) Last concert of the band in the original line
Die Happy (Ger)
Olympic (CZ)
69 Eyes (Fin)
Tři Sestry (CZ)
Divokej Bill (CZ)
Pink Cream 69 (Ger)
In Extremo (Ger)
J.A.R (CZ)
Arakain (CZ)
KJU (Ger)
Kiss Forever Band (Hun)
Painamp (Aut)
Visions of Atlantis (Aut)
Master (USA)
Horkýže Slíže (SK)
Brouci (SK)
Wohnout (CZ)
Vypsaná Fixa (CZ)
Kurtizány z 25. avenue (CZ)
Ready Kirken (CZ)
Fleret (CZ)
Grexabat (SK)
The Chancers (GB/CZ)
Apple Juice (CZ)
E!E (CZ)
Gaia Mesiah (CZ)
Doktor PP (CZ)
Power 5 (CZ)
Kryptor (CZ)
Znouzectnost (CZ)
Lament (CZ)
Žirafa (CZ)

Then I'm seeing Van Halen July 10th.

Then I'm seeing Rush July 17th when i'm in vegas.

Then hopefully I'll be going to ozzfest August 17th. It's my girlfriend's birthday and shes gonna want me to take her to fancy resturaunt or something. I gonna try to talk her into going.

Oh yeah, on top of all this Dream Theater is releasing a new DVD july 13th. And Symphony X is working on their next ablum and plus the fanclub cd is coming out soon the members of C.O.T.M. with some live stuff and a couple new songs that will be on the next album and a couple unreleased songs. So yeah, this summer is gonna kick ass.

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Life is good. thumup:
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