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Hey guys :) I'm new here, i made an account purely to put an new field idea up for constructive criticism, new ideas, and plane ol' conversation. So anyways, here it goes.

I have lots of land out here on a major highway, somewhat close to a big interstate. (20miles away) So i would like to use it. My idea was inspired from watching Marines train on a MOUT city (Military Ops Urban Training)These look epic, but are rarely open to the public. So i thought of constructing one of these "mock cities" and charge parties to come and use it. not necessarily have paintball a store, but more or less facilitate groups coming to have fun. Anything from local law enforcement training to Billy's 11th birthday party.

Of course I may expand, offering my own party packages or rentals. But the main points are:

1. construction costs are high, however, running costs/maintenance are low. could be solved with some sort of waiver.
3.Land isn't a problem i have 6-8 acres road front.

here's a link to get an idea of whats in my head, obviously i will not build a huge 5m+ city, but a 7-12 buildings would supply.

Allied Container Systems: MOUT, FOB and More

Container City : Container City | Home Ideas |


14,012 Posts could be solved with some sort of waiver.
um how exactly? Having a waver does not automatically eliminate the need for insurance, actually Im not certain on this but i believe its mandatory by law in a lot of states to have insurance regardless. The waver is more of a formality in this day and age and should an injury case come to court can help you eliminate some costs but is by no means an iron clad document.

maintenance costs are never high but you still have to do them. in something like these its actually going to be worse because you will have to clean the paint off of the floors. Its not like it magically goes away after a while. Paint is slick and will easily become a hazard very quickly. easiest way would be to hose everything off at the end of the day but then you are dealing with rot, there is no easy solution here

one other thing to think about. Building a small city sounds nice and all but one of the problems is having people play in buildings will force a lot of close quarters combat

ok, so have a lower field velocity

again, sounds nice and all but then what about shooting across the street at another building? granted this solves the injury problems but is not a fantastic solution on its own since you will then be limiting what players can do, not to mention if that one player decides to shoot hot you are back at square one with injuries (or at least VERY unhappy players)
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