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Most Excellent Phantom

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Hey I got a Phantom for sale. If you want to go stock class or pump, this gun is for you!

VSC Phantom w/45 - 288
Green Acid Wash - 30
14" Barrel - 46
Telescope T-Stock - 55
Scope - 35
Over 470.00 put in this!

Looking for about 300. Can neogiate. Don't know on trade, but go ahead and offer.

Paypal prefered.


Thanks for looking!
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Hey I have some stuff that I could trade dunno if you would want to but I will try and make it in your favor.
Jt Pro Pack
Spyder AMG lcd (something wrong with the board sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt)
Traccer Pump (needs new main spring)
Jt Flex 7 ize
Revy with a sweet impeller
Backup Revy shells like new
Bob long lonshot barrel
Raven Havox green pants in good shape logo a little torn off size 34 lmk aim teamwigglies
oh you could take off the scope and stock too
Gun is gone.

Thanks for looking!
Dang, oh well, any more guns you have for sale?
i will buy for 270? talk to me on AIM at YORT346.
Dude, he said he sold it almost a month ago.
How much did you sell it for? You are pretty bright, if you got it sold for 300. I could get a new one for 300. If you sold it for that much, you know what you're doing.
All I asked is how much he sold it for. You don't have to repost that it's been sold, as someone has already posted that.
Beilive it or not I traded it for a Pimp ass LED Trix I only added 175.
daaang no wonder i'm having trouble selling my phantom... there are such hot ones like this hanging around.... no one wants my purple phantom... :(
Wow that's impressive 1337Paintballer. I guess you know how to run a bargain. ;)
yeah he does... 1337 is the shiznizzel when it comes to selling stuff as i have l have learned during my 2 months on the forum
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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