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Alright I had to do some thinking, but I'm goign to sell these bad boys.

They have a two mile range, and 14 channels. I bet if its clear ground you can get way over 2 miles.

They take AA Batteries, adn operate on a FRS Frequency. These are perfect for paintball.

If you know me, I'm always willing to accept trades, but these are going towards a tippmann.. I want a tippmann 98 or Model 98 with a stock, so thats the only trade I'll accept.

Soem slight scratching on one of the screens, but you barely notice it unless you hold it at the right angle.

They have 38 subcodes that garble your voice to other listeners. Basicly its an encryption, PERFECT for scenario games.

Ever play a game and have the other team listening into your conversations? WEll with the codes activated, all they hear is garbage.

Also great for camping, running wires in a house (I've used them), boating, or just hanging out around town. Thousands of uses.

And they're very good on batteries. I think I have to replace them maybe once every 6 months.

These are going up on ebay in two days! Act fast!

The Price for both is $150.

New they go for about 100 a piece.

Paypal, or money orders accepted.
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