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Just got back from Toronto where a friend and I went and saw Muse. They performed at The Docks, and it was an absolutely incredible show. We were about 4th row before the show started, right in front of where the lead guitarist/pianist/singer would be standing. When the show started I wound up getting pushed up to basically the 1st row. I was probably 5 feet from the stage, and right in front of the guy (Matthew Bellamy, btw).

Here's some pictures of the show that someone took.

I was basically as close as the pictures seem.

Anyways, great show. It got really, really hot though, I was literally soaked with sweat. Then some kid puked on me as they started the encore, so I missed the encore to go wash it off.

I highly recommend seeing them though, they sound just as good (or better) live as they do on their albums. Excellent, excellent band. Major :tup

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