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[Pending to cb_neosythe]

Cobalt DM4 with black accents

-TAG WMD board
-TAG laser eyes
-Hybrid B* grips
-ST mini drop
-ST on/off
-JJ 12" Two-piece barrel

$400 + Shipping FIRM.

-SFT Shockers
-D2 + cash
-No Ions unless it's upped and you're adding something like $250+
-No cockers
-Offer, I won't be rude even I don't like it.

It's highly unlikely I will ship first, you'd have to be a mod on here or perhaps have some amazing 10 page feedback. I'm pretty well known here, but if you don't know me or are still have some trepidation:


Older pics and ratings can be found here:
(Tank etc. are not included, only the barrel and gun)

Vid of OMFG mode:

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hey whats the website for the forums by leech i created a forum but forgot the website
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