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alright let me set u up...

im at home playing xbox

k thats it...

so my phone rings... its my best friend, my home girl, shes like my sister. shes freaking out and talking really fast. im like 'chillax chill wahts up what happend.'

she says 'wait ill call u back brandon and cotey are here'

i say 'wait girl hold up- (insert dead phone tone here)'

so i sit there, freaking out.... then she calls back and says 'ok ill tell u the story... so i was at Jessicas house (down the street) and i came home at 11:00. i walked up to my front door and it was open, i was like wtf.... so i walk in and there is a guy 30-40 years old, full mustash and beard going through my ****. i yell GET THE **** OUT and he sprints out the front door that was open too... so then i started freaking out and called brandon and cotey (our other friends) they came and checked everything out and made sure he was gone.'

i say 'wow holy ****'

she says 'wait there is more. i talked to my brother and he said that 2 nights ago he saw teh same guy (they both described him he same.) he was looking in their back window through the glass and garet (her bro) saw him at like 2 in the mornin when he got up to get somthing to drink....'

im like 'damn thats crazy.... have you called the cops yet?'



i say 'why not? dont u think u should?'

'no not really...'

i say 'well where are your parents?'

'they were asleep'

'are they going to call teh cops?'

'no i havnt told them yet. they are still asleep'

:dodgy: times 2

'WTF Landrey go get them right now!!!'

no they are really tired they were in medford today (like a 5 hour drive one way)i will tell them in the mornin'

:dodgy: times 3

'no for reals Landrey u need to go get them... and next time, dont dial 556-4319 (my number).... dial 911. no joke.'

and shes like 'ok steve, i promise i will...'

then i just talk to her and tel her to leave all her lights on and sleep in garrets room...

god... sometimes shes a lil.... dumb?

:dodgy: times 4 jsut for good messure.

Liquor for da Homiez
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tippmannfronter said:
Dude I have the same friends. Yeah is she blonde?
shes naturally burnett, but shes did her hair or waht ever and has like brown, blond, and even a lil red.... its hot.

ya i wasnt scurred to put my phone number up cuz there wasnt an area code ;)
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