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Wow, last night me and this girl were chillin(best friends, shes going out with my best friend and i would NEVER hook up with her so dont be stupid) anyway, ive never drank like a lot ever really,cept for accidentle jelly shots once, anyway

i know this is definatly not "hard" stuff, but:

captain morgan spiced rum - 3/4 of a bottle or so into me = drunk :hug:

it was probably less, seeing as i WAS pretty buzzed but no throwing up, and my hangover this morning is minor

but now im drinking a lot more from now on thumup:

anyone else have first time drunk stories

EDIT: it was one of those "bigger" bottles, not like a beer bottle

oh and it tasted REALLY bad for 2 sips then got better

don't drop the soap
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So you got drunk completely and solely off captain morgan rum? I'm sorry dude that must have been ****ing disgusting.

Not a first time drunk story but more of a first time throwing the **** out of my brains story:

Happened last week, I living with 5 guys in a house this summer and into next year of school. One of the guys promises to bring some "sloochies" over (term we coined for sluts and hoochies). At the same time we have a few lady friends of ours over. So I go to fred meyer to find the ho's that I've neever seen before, talk to them a bit in the parking lot (should've seen the red flag with this one stupid slut right off the bat). Guide em back to the house, we start to play drinking games.

Right off the bat you can sense tension between the two groups of girls (because our friends are actually respectable girls compared to these stupid *****es my friend called over). We start to play some card games, but the stupid *****es have the attention span of a 3 year old so they keep complaining about playing speed quarters (which is ****in gay game anyway). The stupidest *****iest ***** of them all also keeps letting the world know that it's her birthday, and also keeps calling people on her phone, but saying that she's blowing, you know trying to make everyone think that she is getting called all the time by guys.

So we start playing speed quarters and it's just ****ing gay. By the way, at this point I've downed about 5 guiness draught which I must say is one of the worst **** beers I ever tasted. Which reminds me, mass produced beer tends to be ****, when you get old enough to go to bars and get real good **** you'll never want to eat that commercial beer like budweiser ever again.

Anways... the Vodka and Jose Quervo tequila comes into play at some point. So I end up having to take 3 shots of the Jose, which tasted like ****ing ****. I ended up washing it out with a screwdriver.

I started to finally feel it a bit around this point, so my judgement was a little impaired. I knew these stupid sluts were *****es, but their looks kept me slightly interested, so I challenged them to races, shotgunned a few Molson's ( which is also ****)

Twister starts coming into play. I try to plaay but my balance is too impaired to do anyting at this point. Then the one stupid ***** taht is complaining about her birthday goes into MY cupboard in the kitchen, and takes out my canola oil, and is like dead set on everyone lubing up when playing twister. At first I'm just like what the **** are you doing put that **** away. But my stupid housemate that brought the girls over is like 'no dude, do it man this will be hot'.

SO i'm like whatever. I head to the bathroom, see one of my other roomates, and I'm like "hey man why aint you drinking much tonight" And he's like "I'm not drinking util that ***** is out of our ****ing house". FInally someone is speaking some sense into me, and I come to my senses and start figuring out how stupid these girls are.

Unfortunately I still end up getting some more Jose shoved down my throat by one of the girls I actually respect and like, I was just like "whatever I'll do it for her". So I start hanging out with the girls I know, and the birthday ***** starts getting really loud and obnoxious. "Oh man these hot UW guys keep calling me, they are soo hot, etc." so she ends up going out side to smoke. ANd I can hear her thru the window talking on her phone "oh yah I'm at this lame party all the guys are so boring" obviously trying to cover up her jealousy. And by the way it wasn't even a ****ing party I don't know where she got that idea, if it were a party we would've made that clear.

Anyway, I'm at the point you know, where you can't feel your limbs or your jaw. Eventually the ***** comes back in. She sits down by me and starts talking about hookah, and I'm like "Oh yah hookah, that **** sucks it only gives you like a 10 second buzz and it's over" And then she yells out to her friends, "Oh my god! This dude actually got buzzed off of hookah!" stupid *****, of course I'm not talking of a buzz like drunk, god what a stupid whore. Then I just kind of laugh it off. Then she impersonates me and is like "Is that how you always laugh? LIke beavis and butthead or something" And i'm like, "No actually, just when I'm laughing through my teeth"

After a bunch of more stupid ****, her and her friends all go out on the porch for a smoke. I get up and lock the ****ing door. It was so funny like everyone in the house cheered, and my huge ass roomate was like "wow, about time someone got those stupid whores out of here" He looks at the guy who brought them over "I'm never trusting your judgement again".

I see one of the girl left her purse on the couch, I grab it and I"m just like, "****, they'll want this, we'll have to let them back in. So i set on the ground. They knock to get let back in. I'm like "Oh sorry, the door gets stuck some time. The girl was like, "Yah right, and my purse just happens to be on the ground." So they all leave and the rest of the night was a lot better, but I ended up having more Jose. God that stuff is nasty. THen my friend started making me Medori Sours or whatever, which I am always a sucker for. I really don't remember from that point on, everything was just kind of spinning, and the weird thing is I don't think I threw up that night.

BUt what happened was I woke up the next morning way too early on the couch, sound of a roomate pickup all the bottles. I just feel like ****, So I go up to the bathroom. Now what really sucks is I have diarreah, but I know I feel like puking at the same time. So I choose to try and take a **** first. Bad choice, I take a ****, and I end up pushing too hard and the upchuck starts to come up fast. I end up sitting there for a good half hour ****ting in the toilet and puking my brains out into the bathtub. I can tell it's definitely because of that nasty ass Jose Cuervo, because it's exactly that color, and I coudl taste that **** in my mouth the whole day. I ended up pretty hungover (which I usally never get hungover) and threw up here and there for the whole day, basically like having the flu.

Needless to say I will stay away from Jose and stupid *****es from now on.
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