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See how the koala is on a seperate layer?

You can do two things. You can either use the erase tool, or you can use the blurr tool. I just started using the erase tool today, so im not sure which will work better in that situation.

Try the erase tool.. Zoom in a lot (hold control and plus)

(save a copy here)

Now go to the koala and around ALL the edges, take away just a bit maybe 2-3 pixels, or however many it takes. Fluffy things are hard, and you might have to zoom in a lot and use imagination. On my old sig (with the bunny holding my mag), that was a real bunny, and the fluff was so hard to do. Took me abou 10 minutes to get it perfect).

See how it looks like that.

If not, try going back to the old copy, and using the blurr tool (either the waterdrop, the finger, or the triangle. Right click on it and select the blurr tool, which is the drop),go around and fix up the edges.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts