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My first setup (help plz)

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This is my first setup (besides Talon)
Ive got this stuff already:

-Piranha SRT (Gold-Black fade)
-12V X-Board Revvy

Which barrel has the best accuracy out of these:
-progressive -teardrop -All American -Freak Jr
im ordering one tonight
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Well, out of those barrels I'd get a Freak Jr because it comes with inserts (4 of em right?) so that you can match the paint to the barrel, therefore getting greater accuracy. That's a nice gun too, although you COULD (if you had the money) upgrade the hopper to maybe an Egg, just for the faster feed rate.
i wouldn't go with the smart parts barrel, only because you can find better, cheaper (at least for the performance).

i would go with the CP one piece, the bore sizes have been proven most accurate and are very cheap.

here is the link:

or if you can find a CP two piece those are great too. after you get some more cash i would recommend the Dye Ultralite Barrel. very light and accurate.

but if you had to go with one of those i suppose go with the All American.
Progressive and Teardrop are the same.. The Teardrop just looks a bit different.

All barrels perform essntially the same, provided you have a good paint to barrel match. That means you drop a paintball int he stops, but you can easily blow it out. That is a good match... If you turn blue trying to blow it out, it's too big. If it falls straight through, your paint is too small.

Get whichever one you think looks the best
Im not upgradeing my hoper (i just got the revvy yesterday) until i get a gun that can outshoot the revvy,with my gun now I can probly make it up to around 14 bps but that would be rare, especially in a game, to just go all out with no degree of accuracy. It probly wont outshoot the revvy anyway with a very short 14 bps burst. And for some reason right now i want to collect all the guns I get and have them seperate with own tank and hoper and all the upgrades I do to them, so a revvy is a good hooper for this gun if im not going to move the hoper to a faster gun later

OH and with a barrel kit do you have -Back with Tip and Insert- or Back with Tip OR Insert and in what order to you screw them together.
im fairly sure that the 'back' goes onto your gun and than the tip goes on that.... also tip and inserts are the same things i think.
there is the back, which screws into the gun, then the front, which screws into the back, then there is the insert id you have a freak, which slides into the back
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