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Hey Guys,
Well I have gotten to a point in my life where I am unable to get out and play anymore. So I am sad to say I need to part with my gear. Below is a list of all my gear that I am looking to sell. My hope and plan is to sell everything as a bulk sale, meaning I am not going to part out and break everything up. I want to sell everything to 1 person.

With that said, please feel free to ask any questions and/or post an offer for everything. If you don't want to make your offer public, send me a Private Message.

Points of Sale:
- Only Accepting PayPal Only
- I will cover shipping anywhere in the US.
- Will not take partial payments.
- Will not take trades.
- Will not be parting things out to different people.

Make an Offer

All items are in Good Condition. I played with all my gear for 2 Years. There is little wear and tear but nothing extreme.

My GearBag Sale List:

Paintball Gun(Marker):
Tippman A-5 w/E-Grip Black

Tippmann A5/Phenom Low Profile Hopper
(Stock Hopper Included as well.)

Tippman A5 Longbow Folding Stock
(Factory Stock Included)

Lapco Cyclone Feed Soft Paddles
(Stock Paddles Included as well.)

Lapco Ratchet Upgrade
(Stock Ratchet Included as well.)

Lapco Piston Housing Upgrade
(Stock Housing Included as well.)

Stock A-5 Barrel

Tippman A-5 Flatline Barrel - Camo- (w/ Battle Shroud)

Dye A5 UL Back - Black - .688

Dye A5 UL Back - Black - .692

Dye UL Tip - 12" - Dust Black

Crossfire 68ci 4500 Nitrogen Tank

Dye 07 Tank Cover - 68ci - Gold

48ci 3000 PSI Flat Black Nitrogen Tank

Proto Tank Cover - 48ci - Green

32 Degrees Coiled Remote w/ Slidecheck

Invert 20/20 with Fan Thermal Paintball Goggles

NXE Light Infantry Tactical Vest Digi Camo

Invert Backpack - Urban Digital Camo

Camo Paintball Storage Duffel Bag

18 Paintball Pods

UTC CQB Quick AIM Red Dot Scope

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I have had a few offers but nothing exactly where i wanted. I am willing to part with this gear for $350.00 (Free Shipping Anywhere in the US) Any takers?

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tank is out of hydro for anyone wondering

I agree with miller, parting it up would be much easier to sell the bulk of it, you will usually have a few pieces left over that you have to get rid of much cheaper than you were hoping to but you can move the majority of it much faster. The problem with trying to sell as a whole is nobody is ever looking for EXACTLY the things you have, or they may have a few things of their own already and just need some of it but have no need for 2 packs or an extra gear bag
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