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Looking to sell my Kingman TL Plus paintball gun and accessories. I got it in mid '04, used it maybe three times for speed ball, works great(practically brand new. Gun is clean as a whistle also has been oiled. I have all the original stuff(owner's manual, spare parts, barrel plug, box, ect.). I'm not sure how much I should sell it for, make some offers. I can sell stuff seperate. pm for pics...

This is what I have:

TL Plus paintball gun w/12" barrel
200 rnd. hopper(with elbow)
32 Degrees black coiled remote(used once)
9 oz. co2 tank(used 2 times)
20 oz. tank(used 3 times)
20 or 9 oz. tank holder
JT USA mask(green)

shipping cost:$10-$15

no low-ball offers
really need to sell...
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