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Piranha G3
-Magnetic Trigger
-PMI Foregrip
-Slick check in bottomline
-Flat Black Paintjob

14"JJ Ceramic Barrel
-Spyder Threaded

47/3000 Nitro Tank with 32 Degrees Reg and gauge
-Hydro in 2007

JT nVader Mask
-Painted Camouflage
-Needs lens($10)

40" Coiled Remote

PMI 200Rd Hopper
-Fits Piranha very snugly

Spare Parts
-Cup Seal
-Allen Wrench

Stock Barrel
-Spyder Threaded
-Nine Inches

Barrel Holders
-14" Barrel holder with screw off top
-9" Barrel holder with pull off top
-Black with paintball stickers all over

Olive Drab Motorolla FRS Two way Radio
-2 Mile Range
-Lanyard Loop
-14 Channels

Playstation 2 AirFlo Controller
-No Sweat Gameplay
-Two fan settings
-Rubber Grips

3 Gundam Wind DVDs (Seperately, $6 a piece)
-Operation 1
-Operation 5
-Operation 6

I want a digital camera with more then 1 megapixel, at least 800x600 resolution, and an LCD viewer screen

EDIT: Pics

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I have a HIGH dollar EVision 123 Digi camera!!! Very nice! This camera for all that stuff listed above? thanks
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