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Ok, if you are like me you have heard so much about the FreeIpods and
FreeIbook websites on different forums, blogs, IM's, etc, you are
about to puke. So am I. But yet the draw of getting an Ipod for
doing basically nothing is pretty strong. I dismissed all the
"stories" of people getting their ipods as the marketing machine at
work. I figured I might take a chance and give it a go.

Step 1. Collect Names.
Step 2. Send those names items worth $200 or more
Step 3. ??????
Step 4. Profit

*Site – Computers*

*Number of Referrals Needed?*



A 14.1" iBook G4, 12.1" iBook G4, Pavilion P4 2.8GHz, Averatec P4
3.0GHz, Averatec 3250HX, or $1000 in cash

*Site 2 – Free Mac Mini's*

*Number Of Referrals Needed?*



80gb Mac Mini

*Site 3- Free iPods*

*Number of Referrals Needed?*



Currently you can get the 20Gb 4th Gen, several colors of the mini's,
or a $250 GC to iTunes.

Before I signed up, I wanted to get to the bottom of the ?????. I
didn't want any sweaty, filth pushing webmonkeys to have all my info,
so I did my research. Gratis Internet, the parent company of the
FreeIpods, FreeFlatscreens, etc. sites, recently did an interview
with Wired Magazine.
In this article Gratis states that they are acting as Head Hunters for
companies (more on that later) and are paid between $50-$90 per
referral. Although this seems like a lot of money, this is nothing
compared to what these companies spend for print advertising which
does not guarentee ANY customers. So now we know what ?????? equals.
??????=$50-$90 for Gratis per guranteed customer (referral sites).

How Does it Work?
You sign-up on one (or more) of the following websites:
Ok, so here is the tricky part. Once you sign up with one of these
websites you have to complete an "offer" from 1 of Gratis's
advertisors. There are usually 5-10 different offers, some being
better than others. Now, remember the ???????=$50-$90 equation? In
order for you to receive your ipod/Flatscreen/Desktop PC/Handbag you
have to refer 5, 8, or 10 of your friends, and they have to complete
one of the offers as well. Then in order for them to receive theirs
they need to refer others, and son on. So lets just look at why they
are going to send an Ipod to you. (1(you) +5(your
friends))x$90=$540-$250(ipod)=$290 profit for them just for you
signing up. The advertisers are more than willing to pay, and
FreeIpods is more than happy to send you your ipod. Works out for

What process should you use to sign up (to ensure that you will get your item)
When signing up, it is recommended that you use Internet Explorer
(sucks) some people have reported problems using other browsers.
1. Click on one of the links above and enter a VALID US mailing address.
2. Complete the marketing survey - not your answers do not have any
impact on you receiving your item.
3. Once you have signed up, you should receive a verification email.
If you did not receive one, go to the "My Account" page and click the
link to have them resend it. If you still did not get it check your
spam folder.
4. Sign-up with one of their partners and complete the offer. (see the
section which offer should I choose) It can take up to 15 days for
your offer to show completed (unless you follow my steps!)

Which offer should I choose?
Just so you know all offers require a credit card, **HOWEVER** not all
of them cost anything! =)
* InFone: This requires a credit card but is FREE. *INSTANT VERIFICATION*
* Zooba: Instant verification, and you get a Best Seller Book for $10
* AOL /w iTunes: Sign up for their 30 day free trial. If you cancel
before 45 days you are not charged anything.
* Try a free 30 day trial of's "Find your
Ancestors" service.
* Blockbuster Online: Try a two week trial of Blockbuster's
Netflix-like service.
* Video Professor: This costs $7. *INSTANT VERIFICATION*
I suggest you go with the AOL w/ iTunes offer. It is free. Next I
would suggest Blockbuster because you not only get the 2 week trial
(like netflix) but you also get 2 coupon codes for free rentals at
your local blockbuster. Just make sure to cancel before 2 weeks is up
and it is free.
So here is where I am asking for your help. In order to find out if
this is legit, please help me out by clicking one of the links above
and completing the offer…

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#1Why post it in rec ball. more people will look in the lounge or paintball talk.#2way to break the rules.#3You Gonna get banned.#4??????????????????????#5profit
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