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I currently have a LNIB system x nme f/t. I bought it about a month ago, and i am now looking for an ion. The gun is in mint condition with no blemishes or scratches. It is dust balck in color and comes with macro line, a cp 14" barrel and a q-lock!!.
The pic is bad due to my cell phone camera.

Pics: Just one for now, can get more if your interested.

^^Click To Enlarge^^

This marker has the new Wicked Air Sportz (W.A.S.) Board that was design for the NME-LE. This new board features are: Ramping for X-BALL, Full-Auto Option, Adjustable Settings For NXL, NPPL, PSP. This marker is in its original manufacture packaging and comes with a manufactures warranty.

Black Nme
Le Was Board
Macro Line
Cp 14" barrel
Q-lock feedneck

Trades: ( Ions must look nice and not trashed or old)
Ion with new bolt/barrel/regulator/body/trigger/asa/board/feedneck
Ion with 3 of the above and a halo
Ion with some ups + halo
Stock Ion and Halo + $$$
Stock Ion and Halo and Freak + $$
Stock Ion + $225

Trades Must Be Worth $425 or more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot add any $$

What I don't want:
Anything besides an Ion(Unless in my favor)

Will sell for $425 no less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Buyer/Trader must have positive feedback
I accept M/O only
We ship guns same time unless you have more feedback

My Feedback:

aim: paintballr927
email: [email protected]

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paintballr927 said:
What bores come with the freak? What drops or on/offs come with it? Is there a tank or hopper included? Can you add any money? Can you get me a vid?
If you look at the specs in my thread, it says that the .693 (stainless steel) insert is included. The drop and asa in my pic will come with it. No tank or hopper with it. I have no cash. I might be able to get a video sometime.

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