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Milled 2k2 VF body Custom Ano'd Cobalt
Matching front block
Palmer's Chrome Micro Rock
Kapp Chrome Ram
STO 3way
Chrome Front Block Bolt
Matching Kapp 15* ASA
MacDev Gladiator Faded Cobalt to Clear
2k2 WGP Hinge Frame Faded Cobalt to Clear
Matching back block
Shocktech SupaFly Bolt
MacDev Titanium Pump Arm and Cocking rod with
Cobalt to Clear Faded Twisted Knob
Shocktech Rat Valve
Shocktech Fat Boy Hammer
Stainless Valve screw and IVG
12" Smart Parts Teardrop barrel Faded Clear to Cobalt
And newly added- MacDev 68/3k tank with Cradle
12V Revvy w/ X-board
Grey matching Proto Jersey

New pics
Me trying to make fun of zidane
kinda looks cool with the blue reflection from my walls


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xpistalpetex said:
pretty nice but i would sell the teardrop n get a custom painted all american if you're goin sp
teardrops r sp


this is my first time postin in this section wee

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i do have a cradle, but its still unbalanced. I dont care though, because i dont need it to be balanced, i tuck my tank into my shoulder

edit- the cradle isnt pictured because i need to get screws for the cradle
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