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Out of the 'box' there it is - a speed feed - wrapped in plastic with a label on the top and instructions on the back.

After installing it correctly, which suprisingly took a good amount of work, i put it on my Halo B. I poured a pod in and about 1/3 of the paintballs went in while the others either sat on the lid or fell off the lid and hopper entirly.

I poured in another pod - same thing.

I poured in another - same again.

Now that 3/4 or so of my halo was full, I decided to turn it upside down - when I did this, about 4 or 5 paintballs came out. When i shook it VERY slightly, 3-4 more at a time would come out.

I unloaded the halo and tried to bend the plastic 'fingers' as it says to do in the instructions if you are having problems.

I bent the fingers ALOT... in the instructions it says to ideally have the finger tips touching the top of the inside shell. I made sure this was the case while bending the fingers as much as i could.

I poured another pod in with 'the new settings' of the speed feed and sure enough, not muhc changed. A few more paintballs from the pod went in but thats about it - there was still A LOT of paintballs staying on top of the lid and falling off.

If I poured it fast, i would get less paintballs in the hopper.
If I poured it moderatly i would get a few more.
If I help my pod ON the lid for about 5 seconds, then I would get most paintballs in the hobber. Its a SPEED FEED tho, not a 5 second feed. Think about 5 seconds - count it in your head... That is ALOT of time to JUST pour a pod in a hopper. It should take 1, 2 seconds tops.

Conclusion - I spent 23$ on it here on the nation, its defitnally not worth it unless it needs to be broken in ALOT and im missing something. I will update this as I continue to try thing...but with little hope... Don't buy it.

EDIT 4/20: Its gotten a little better and it DOES TAKE PRACTICE TO GET USED TO THE MOTION of it... You need to kind of get momentum on the pod and make sure the pod is pouring at the top of the lid (top of the shell) and kinda just pop it in there.

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