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I have a trailer in Avon NC aka the outer banks and my aunt came down with the padre and some more of the family for a fun week at the beach. Well my family always eats crabs no matter what they cost they all put in cash and get some crabs. Well as some of u know that crabs are a big mess so so we usualy lay down newspapers on the tables. well my aunt decided she was going to be smart and put in a quarter in a newspaper machine and take every last paper. it would have worked but the door closed on her purse, so she was standing there with an arm load full of papers with her purse in the paperbox. My dad and i just stood there laughing and yelling to her asking her what the problem was. and of course we didnt have an extra quarter ;-) to get here purse out. afer about 45 min we finaly let her out.

if neone here works in the Food Lion in Avon NC please get to me, i am willing to pay huge amounts for that security tape.

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