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My Tippmann A5

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I am kind of a noob to paintball. I just recently bought a Tippmann A-5 at my local paintball store here in town. I'm looking for an upgrade on my tippmann. I'm thinking more along the lines of a barrel upgrade but i will be open to other suggestions. I don't really like the look of the flatline barrel but im undecided so far. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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some of the better barrels under 50 bucks would be the teardrop, j&j ceramics, and cp 1 peice, i prefer a 14'' in any of these, it seems the most versatile for woodsball and speedball
Due to the rules I won't post a link to another paintball dealership. If u want to know where to get nice scenario barrels for an a5 or a flatline pm me and I'll pm u back with the links to different sites.
well levi youve made a mistake and can learn a lession from it. There is a tippmann section just down the forum. In that section you should be able to find alot of information about it.

I know it will be hard since south dakota is about as cool as iowa to test other barrels and upgrades before you buy them so you will need to do alot of reading to make sure you get what you want. Theres not alot of tourneys in your area but I would suggest also checking the site it has alot of information about players in your area. Also the northern lights paintball legue has legs in your area I played the one in watertown i believe it was two years ago now.

I personally wouldn't get the flatline barrel if I were you. The flatline does have its pros. If I were you I would get the j and j edge kit. Its just slightly more than the flatline and yet its a kit. The pro about getting a barrel kit is that you have the right barrel for any condition or paint.
I private messaged you a site that sells the jj edge kit for 130 for the a5. Great barrel at a great price alot cheaper than many other but I have tried most and this works just as well.
good luck an hit me on aim or msn any time for info.
ts assault <aim msn> [email protected]
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The thing about the type of barrels though, if u don't get a tippmann scenario barrel or flatline barrel, do yourself a favor. DONT get a colored barrel. Stick to either crome or black. Black is your best bet. Your gun will look might funny all black with a blue barrel.
Thanks guys. This forum is far better than I thought it would be. I got a response in a matter of a few minutes, not hours. And thank you for the information about there being a tippmann forum, I didn't realize it.
when im on the forum I try to answere stuff as fast as I can sometimes though you will post in the wrong time of day and no one will be able to answere

about the tippmann section. its an easy mistake to make. Make sure you take a good browse through the forum see what there is to offer Im affraid we were hacked recently so the forum took a nosedive. All will be well soon. Check out tippmann section then even lower is a barrel section and air systems section for your compressed air questions.

Don't let anyone jump on your back you make a mistake just shrug it off. some people here are pricks steer clear of the lounge and you will enjoy your stay.
Thanks man, good advice
Look into the Dye Boomstick or UltraLight.
pEpSi DuDe said:
Look into the Dye Boomstick or UltraLight.
just wondering why do you suggest that? both of those barrels are around the same price as many kits out today. They are single size. Most people can't just get the right size paint any time they play you need to make due with whats there so why get a ultralight unless you are getting more than 1 back.
Yea but if hes just a rec player and uses the same paint that fits over and over their is no need for a whole kit. Although I see your point that they are expensive and he could find a kit for around the same price. I say just stick with a J&J ceramic, Smart Parts tear drop, Custom Products one piece, or a Lapco bigshot. Unless you got more $$$ to spend on a barrel becuase with the $$ saved on a $35-40 barrel you can upgrade your Tippy a little more or get some more paint.
I just play woodsball and I use regular paint. I just need a good barrel around 14'' that will make me more accurate for long distance shooting
a correct bore fitting is whats most important for accuracy. So the barrels kirkys listed are ok but only one size. If you ever use different paint say you have to go to walmart and get marbs rather than play with other paint you will want a kit...or if you had to play in oh....south dakota. where its humid as hell and makes your balls will want a barrel kit.
after u get ur barrel (imo u should get the teardrop or jj ceramic) i would get an electronic hopper and a double trigger.

also, you may want to get a drop foreward or a remote line
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