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my autococker trilogy pro
i will start out with a list of upgrades then pictures
when i got it from CockerCraze last april
Link to for sale thread

(stuff the marker came with)
- gloss black sto back block
- gloss black flame trigger was filed and drilled/set screw

-black delrin venture bolt (looks to be an old shock tech aluminum back/delrin tip)

-black dye stickies

-removed 2 piece shrink wrap on pump arm (still have not replaced with full length)

upgrades as of 4-23-2009 (list of upgrades i did after i purchased it)

-gloss black bob long torpedo clone (swapped from a Diablo Wrath)
-90* air fitting/w stock ss line

-dust black cp direct mount
-straight shot nelson spring kit medium rear spring (could possibly switch to light for better consistency)

-tech-t timing shaft (set with out air @ home 1/8" adjustment had it suction timed and set screw adjusted for shortest pull)
-stock lpr (dust black)

-hand picked black out screw kit (with exception to front frame screw painted black) looking for 10-32 1 1/8" button head black out

-all the internals have been ~mirror polished to reduce friction
started with 1000grit sandpaper and worked my way up to 3000 grit in 500grit increments wet sanding/dry sanding finished off with buffer wheel

-lug was flattened then rounded and polished
-sear contact polished

i think that about rounds out the upgrades

(choreographed perfectly @ 220fps consistent to +/- 12 on co2 reg was a little out of sweet spot got right @ 2200 shots (3 hoppers and 12 pods) off 24 oz tank shooting over bore barrel .693" paint was .687"-.689" had 2 bags non-dimpled left from last fall)

now for pictures... enjoy

this is how it sat for the better part of 2 weeks after the last round of upgrades

new changes include
psycho ballistics hing frame (with pre and post travel trigger adjustment) (dust black)
ridiculously long D+D paintball drop forward (7" forward 3" down)
(edited sorry)
black STO ram (soon to have the rear hole drilled out for 10-32 so i can install qev's)
Pictures will be up soon as i find a decent camera...

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Evo ram is already 10/32, I have had about a dozen of them over the course of my paintball career.

You should hacksaw the feedneck so that you can use Ego feednecks on it.

Other than that, nice. 6/10. I'd give you 7 if you hadn't downgraded from a nice open face delrin bolt to a crappy venturi design, although at least it's still delrin.

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looks nice, i would like to see some macroline on it just for looks

i say 7/10
never! i use steel braided line on mech markers and macro line on electros...

the original owner did the bolt not the guy i bought it from
he was responseable for the scratches on the body, trigger frame, back block...
i did the ones to the reg from the position of the steel braided line
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