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Hey kids, I need some stuff. Just post what you have and how much you want for it. I'm not really sure how much I can spend right now, so if I turn you down I might be back later. Here is the list.

Redz medium comfort belt in red

Black Halo B, please list what board you have on it

70/45 Preset Worrgas


Cash Money do rag

5+ inch macro line, I'm stockin up on it, don't care about color

Strait shot squeegie

140 round pods

Knee/elbow pads

Micro Guage

I'll add more as I remember stuff. Please do not IM me or PM me, just post here and I will check it often.

Thanks for lookin and keep the offers flowin.

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Hey there, i have a halo b with rip drive still available - its brand new in the box, never has been used- i have a black one or i have a tinted green...

pm me or catch me on aim-- snowboarder2267
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