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So, this weekend I got to go to a legitimate track for the first time. Since my uncles are BMW fanatics (and have been since they were 13-14), I didn't have to worry about a car to drive. Which is good, considering my ES300 isn't exactly, well, a "track car".

Anyway. Saturday, I didn't end up leaving home until like 2, so no driving on the track for me. I didn't get down to Savannah (GA) where the track was till around six.

Anyway. Fast forward to Sunday morning. After a night of VERY funny stories, we all woke up at about 6:15 or so to head out to the track. We got there around 7:30, track opened up at 8:00. So 8:00 rolls around, and we're pretty much the only people there, so my Uncle and I hop in his 1973 BMW 2002. He drives till about 8:15/20 or so, then he lets me hop in.

Alright, so we're sitting in the pit lane, waiting for the spotter to flag us onto the track (since some more people were out and about at this point). On the track we were on, there was a decent straightaway going into turn 1, so when I'm flagged ahead I gun the car. First gear, second gear, third gear, all good to go. I'm going through the motions, shifting into fourth, but right as I start to let up on the clutch, I feel a little twitch in the pedal, and BAM! The transmission just kinda detonated.

So, we get towed in and figure out quite quickly that the old friction surface (I never remember the names) that was made of this asbestos fiber board had finally died. It lasted 17 years of hard driving (and I learned to drive stick on this car as well... That was rough at first. xD haha). Anyway, we spend from 8:30 to 3:30 getting the new clutch in. Sound like a long time? Yeah, I agree, and here's why.

Before he had come to the track, he (my uncle) had installed some new headers on his car. So we're under the car and have his tranny unbolted (a Getrag 5-spd) and realize the headers are going to have to come OFF to let the tranny down. So after another thirty minutes or so, we've got the damn headers off (some tricky bolts to reach) and can lower the tranny. We get all the new parts put in, FINALLY (some did and some didnt fit the tranny) and get it assembled. As we start to raise the tranny back into the well, we realized that the firewall was in the way. So, we took a jack and angled the engine down (towards the rear). After about an hour and change of fidgeting, no luck. At this point we're both PISSED and so we jacked the motor up and popped out the motor mounts. Now the engine's sitting a few inches lower and we get the tranny hooked up (this is another hour and change later). So then we figured out we can't get the motor mounts back in until X part is back in, and it was just a cluster****. Basically, the car was holding itself together - the minute we took the tranny out, all the alignment went to hell.

But, on the bright side!!!!

I got to drive my uncle's Dinan M Roadster (Coupe, technically). What's cool about it is that it was the original Dinan M roadster which he lent them to develop/design all of their aftermarket parts for... In exchange he got about 28k in Dinan parts for free. He has everything but the supercharger (which would have required structural modification which means less safety).

So I got to drive that on a few parade laps, which for that particular time were 40mph laps. So I'm sitting at the line and she flags me, next thing I know I'm doing 25mph. Upshift, dont think.... And next thing I know I'm in 3rd gear doing 65mph. The spotter on the first turn is sitting there screaming bloody murder, waving the yellow flag, so of course I unwillingly sit on the breaks and coast three laps in third gear at 40mph.

Hardest 40mph of my LIFE. The damn thing pulls 4.2 sec 0-60's!!! And yeah, forgot to mention. The serial number Dinan gave my uncle for his roadster? M001.

Anyway, I've got some pics, just gotta get my camera out of the car. It was a ****ty, wet day, but since we were too lazy/tired after the repairs to put on the road tires (the slicks were on) we got to do a lot of drifting. Wow that's freaky ****.... Even in a controlled environment. I don't know if I'll ever get used to that sensation.

Anyway, I'll get the pics up soon. I've been bitten by the track bug and now it's all I can think about... I just want to drive now!
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