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Ive Got A Smart Parts Ion Worked To The Max. Lightweight EveryThing, And Every After Market Part Is On It Top Of The Line. and a Curtis 32" 1080p LCD Flat screen Tv. Will trade for Worked pmrs, dm's, eteks, and egos.

-Virtue Board
-Aluminum Red/Black Body
-L7 Lightest Bolt Out
-Lightweight Firing Canester
-Upgraded Reg (Stays at 200 psi at 35BPS w/ Rotor Hopper)
-Flat Magnetic Trigger
-Red Virtue Eyes
-Freak 14'' Barrel
-Sanded Down Stock Grip Frame, Looks Amazing
-Virtue Grips
-NDZ Drop Forward
-NDZ Feed Neck
-Overall Cleanness 8/10

Please Contact Me At 732-690-6440 ill send pictures via cell phone of tv and gun. YOU SHIP FIRST.

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