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I would like to offer a field in Chino Valley, AZ
Hi folks!
My first post.
I am the manager of RavenRoost Bunkhouse just north of Chino Valley. 28 miles north of Prescott Valley.
We have 200 acres of Juniper covered rolling hills, washes and two buildings
with 12 beds. Properly zoned and fenced private property. Good roads, good parking, great camping. Both buildings have large covered decks that would make a fine administrative area.
In the past we have catered to Gunsite students as our property is immediately adjacent to Gunsite.
Well, it's time to expand our horizons.
If anyone has interest in establishing a new venue in the cool climate of the north, at 5000ft elevation,
please contact me.
I'm not interested in running an operation, just hosting the site.
Well thanks for looking!
Chuck Rogers
[email protected]
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