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Calling all newb tourny ballers situated around Sussex, Southern England: A new team is in the making with the prospects of competing at next year's Dartford 7's and beyond! Under the title of 'Napalm Waitress Force' we are primarily looking for inexperienced college/ uni students with little cash but big heart for the game.

WARNING: applicants must contain the desired attitude for the game - we will be practacing and competing with the sole purpose of bettering our skills and getting noticed on field by other regional seasoned teams out there in the south.

More details will be submitted if interest is shown by forum users. One definite piece of information that i can give out right now is that we shall mainly be training at Ground Control (Climping, West Sussex) On Paul's HyperBall field (Paul being the owner). A price cut for every case of paint is also on the cards as we have a non-commercial supply line running through GC.

It would be of benefit to all aplicants if they are in possesion of an Impulse (with X-Board and pre-set reg) or better. No great problems however if this is not the case, yet an electric semi-auto is a must have.

To contact myself (field captain) either post here or email: [email protected]

To contact Andrew Ellis (team manager) email: [email protected]

Feel free to question/ insult/ inquire

PLEASE NOTE: as of yet, nothing is permanent; the survival of this team depends on how many aplicants we recieve, and wether or not team practice can be made on a regular basis by the final selection. :eek:
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