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Alright I just dont have enough money/time for paintball so Im selling all my stuff. No trades for pb gear.

Naughty Dogs freestyle:
-Psp/ramp board
-Cp shorty reg.
-ND lpr
-HE bolt
-Dye sticky grips
-Twist lock feedneck
-Fs rail and on/off
-Check-it uni-mount (Black)
-Cp rail(black)
-Stock reg.
-Black halo-b w/ victory 35 board
-9pc. empire barrel kit. 2 fronts and 7 backs.
-47/3k n2 tank

Pic #1
If you want more pics email/IM me.

The gun has a few scratches but no major ones. Also the frame bends up a little by the asa but doesnt affect the gun at all. Also on both the regs where the fittings go in its scracthed up a little. I also heard theres only 5 of these but correct me if I'm wrong.
Also the regs. need to be adjusted and the there is a small leak from inside the gun. I think its just the hose.

-Digital video camera +cash
-iPod nano +cash
-Forum snowboard +cash
*Those are the only trades; no pb items!*

$700 for everything!!!!!!

-I dont ship first
-I dont deal with immature people.
-Make sure its ok with your mommy and daddy.
-No I'll have the m money in a week/or I just need to sell my gun first.

How to reach me:
Email- [email protected]
Aim- EnterTheSpinZone or x70NYxC0NL1Nx
PM- unregisteredPB
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