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Woodsball Action Magazine
MAR,24th,2005 SPECIAL EDITION Issue 2 copies 1500
In This Issue
• W.A.M. Woodsball Action Magazine
Special issue focusing on church
• N.A.W.L. is seeking Churches support.
• The Paintball Emporium sponsors
Upcoming Events
April 30th, 2005 Spring Intro to
paintball festival.
Contact Us
Email:[email protected]
The Paintball Emporium
9766 Old St. Augustine Rd.
Jacksonville, Fl.
The Paintball Emporium and N.A.W.L.
have come to an arrangement, to
donate a percentage of each members purchases, back to our
club. So we are asking that our
members to present your membership card when making
your paintball purchases.

Welcome to the North American Woodsball League, dba
Jacksonville Paintball Association. This non profit club has been formed by local paintball players, to provide a safe organized paintball playing environment. Currently our club is at fifty members and growing every week.
How many of you like to play paintball or want to get into it? Better yet how many of you do not have a clue what paintball is, or have a vision of guns shooting at each other, and people getting hurt? Well N.A.W.L. is here to help introduce the public to this fast growing sport. Paintball is the third largest extreme sport in the country today. A large misconception amongst our community is paintball injuries. You are more likely to get injured bowling than you are playing paintball. Based on national statistics most common paintball injuries are bruises, or sprained ankles, out of 1000 players less than one player is injured.
N.A.W.L. was formed in February of this year; we are seeking support from our community. Right now we have been working with the city to get land to play on. The city has delayed this process and is not sure if they want the risk of dealing with our sport. Also the city Parks division is not sure that with their many request for park land, if this is a sport that they want to help. Our Leagues President has provided all of the funding to date, however the more that we grow the more sponsorship we need.
April 30th, 2005 we will be holding a public event, location to be announced on our website. This event will be to introduce the public to the sport of paintball. We are offering a day of game play for FREE, including gun rentals, safety equipment, and two pods of paintballs, and unlimited co2. Free refreshments, paintball game and safety training. We do ask that if you have your own gear and guns please bring it with you. Dress in pants, long shirt with neck protecting collar, and jacket. Additional paint will be available for sale. We will also be holding membership signups. If you or your organization is interested in attending please contact us for tickets.

Woodsball Action Magazine page 2, issue 2

N.A.W.L. asks that you or your group reserve tickets, to help give our events director and idea of how many people to prepare for. We also ask that if anyone has about 15 to 25 acres of mostly wooded land available, that they can let us use for this event or for us to call home. Please contact us right away. Once we get our land we will be setting up 4 to 6 woodsball courses, one speedball field, concession stand, restrooms, and a big shelter house. Also we will provide rental equipment, co2, and a playground.
Yes to answer your questions we need private donations to put this project together, if you are interested in helping, and or joining please contact us.
WELCOMING ALL CHURCH GROUPS, contact us for specials on group memberships, and our church youth group program. Our organization would like to establish the strongest church league in the nation. Once N.A.W.L. has its field set up, our church groups will not have any field fees, the program that we have designed is to save all of our member’s money on their paintball supplies.
Watch our website for our April 30th event schedule and location. N.A.W.L. will also send out another flyer the weekend of April 15th with event info.
Please visit our sponsor store The Paintball Emporium has helped us put our program together and sponsor our events.

9766 Old St. Augustine Road Jacksonville, Fl. 32257
phone – 904-288-5526
fax - 904-288-4457
website under construction, watch for us at
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