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Blue/Black PMR With,
  • CP Trigger
  • Proto 2 Peice Barrel
  • Matching NDZ Frame
  • SP On/Off
  • Perfect Condition

All of this is a great value :)
The gun itself is in perfect condition, as the pictures show.
Now comes with SmartParts On/Off

Price: 250 + shipping and fees OBO

The price is OBO, please dont ***** about it.
I refuse to ship first (my 105+ feedback speaks for itself)
If you post here, maturity is required...
Post/PM/AIM, --- thats the order your should contact me in

Can add gear, (some cash) for another gun. but would like to sell.
Or can do a 2/3 for 1 from sig.

Offer up:

If you have a PBN account please post here:
Near Perfect PMR, ...NDZ Frame, Cp Trigger, 2 Peice Barrel... (Cheap) - PbNation
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