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Title says it all I need an after market board that MUST, I repeat MUST, be rated for the Epiphany. The order goes as follows according to what I want the most:

Lucky with mac noid



Any of the other Aftermarket boards that are RATED FOR THE EPIPHANY.


2)I send my money, you send your product at which time I will inspect it and if I do not like the product I will get a full refund of my money.

3) Don't be a dick, I am a very mature person and hope you will do the same k thnx

4) No leet please

5) posting in here makes an unwritten/signed contract that you agree to the above statements.

The most I can spend is $100.00(one hundred dollars), so nothing more then that will be accepted, and I will check BNIB prices to make sure your price is accurate so don't try and cheat me outta my money
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