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Need new gun

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I am kinda a newb but not really so give me a break. I now have a 68 automag custom built for smartparts and i have heard a lot of good stuff about the auto cockers but i tryed out a dye cocker and kept knocking hoses off cause i am not used to the numatics. i am just trying to get opponions to help me make up my mind. so do you think that i should get a auto cocker and just adapt or what. i am kinda up for any ideas.
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Yea man. Autocockers are a great gun. Alot of people think they require alot of matenince and always break down. But 99 percent of the problems come with the user. The biggest mistake is for cocker owners to go and touch part of the pneumatics or other component and see what happends if they adjust it. Just leave it be. Cockers really require very litle matenince. Just some drops of lube into the ASA after a day of play, and wiping down the gun. Cockers are soo upgradable, it's insane. If you bought an 04 cocker you should be able to play with it for a while and not need to upgrade. The first thing lots of new cocker owners do as soon as they open the package is say "What should I upgrade?" Just play with it first and see what you don't like about the marker, and then upgrade.

Overall they are excellent markers for new players as well as experianced players. After a while you can figure out how the gun works, and then you can start messing with things, after you are 100 percent sure you know what you are doing.

A great forum for cocker owners is . They have alot of good information for new cocker owners.

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ya mon, cocker all the way. just dont get a sissy x or a dye, sissys are just ghey and dyes are overpriced, imo.

cockers are awesome guns and aalot of fun to upgrade and whatnot.

and autocockers in one word:)
Yeah dude, the Cocker is a great gun, as mehdiballer stated, dont go with the sys. x, or dye, over rated and overpriced, IMO. Go with a brands like WGP, Free Flow, and Eclipse.
Tedrzz howd you become a mod???
alright thanks for all your ideas, i think i am gonna get a cocker. i have 900 to spend what do you think would be my best move for a kick ass gun? should i get a okay cocker and upgrade or find a used or new angel or what, again i am up for anyhting.
Well... get the loader and tank first.

For the loader, you should consider the Egg, Halo, and the Qloader.

For the tank, many people will suggest a 68/4500. That's a pretty common size. Go with Centerflag, Crossfire, Worrgas preset tanks- high pressure (800-850 PSI).

Nightkast. People say you can get them for $675 - $700 new. I never saw the link to that site, but that's an insane deal.

Or go with an 03 or 04 and build your way up.

It'll keep you busy for a while.
Get an E=Orracle. They own.
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