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Well lets start off with my location i live in an area where well the woods has no clearing its all brush now ive cleared out small portions of it and well lets say its more of a speedball area im looking into making alot larger the only problems i have is the brush now i have mowed the hell out of it which works but where i live we have wasp or bees that have hives underground and well mower + hive u do the math so i was wondering if u guys can come up with some brilliant idea to make the field bigger while avoiding these nests

ALSO any ideas or building plans for towers or bases would be nice or just general ideas

heres what i think im guna make my field look like srry its so big

ok since no one is answering i have another question if i were to want to play later such as night time is there some sort or lighting like flood lights or something can someone please post links to that source
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