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all right i pay around 200$ for a pump . but will negotiate and include stuff to trade..i have to trade is a

Automag 68
Velocity JR
DXS Pulse w/rf (needs a new cone)
68/45 air america carbon .GREAT cond
i wont include everything but 1 or to objects will be fine.

id love to have a stock class pump

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I have a tricked out Phantom for sale (I will ship):


+ Custom trigger shoe
+ Vertical 12 gram quick changer (steel braided hose with a quick disconnect) (not pictured)
+ 3.5 oz CO2 tank (w/ on/off valve)
+ Custom drop-forward
+ Slim grips (not as pictured)
+ Many 10-rnd tubes with captive lids (for quick reloads)
+ Many 12 gram CO2 cartridges
+ A bunch of old paintballs
+ 10 rnd magazine
+ 11" nickel-plated, ported barrel

CCI Phantom Stock Class
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