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Hey Guys, looking for some WI players for some fun woodsballs on 5 acres of private land. I have land but only a few players available to me. Must have = Good sportsmanship, and have all your own equipment.

We usually play behind my parent's house with five acres...all
woods, a few bunkers, fallen trees. I haven't done alot of work on it
because its first my parent's home, and second our playing field. The woods
is located right outside of downtown waukesha. We try to play every
other Monday night or Saturday mornings, could try to schedule a
different time, but would have to ask off work for it because I work
second shift Wednesday through Sunday. I can field about 10 guys or so. I
do ask people to sign waivers and just in general respect the grounds
because we are playing on my parents property. Sportsmanship and decency is a
very big deal with us, we don't want any trouble, just some fun!!

If interested, please email Mike at [email protected]ect, PAINTBALL, FROM
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