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A nelspot 007. When i got it it had a new paintjob, baked on for extra protection. After a while of playing it chipped off in spots and got a few scratches. The barrel looks ugly, but functions PERFECTLY. The barrel works fine, no breaks in it or nothing. I broke 1 ball out of a couple hundred when i was using some 2 year old zap. (not a good idea but oh well). The velocity is a little low but with a spring kit it will go up more. It is playable and the velocity is NOT all that bad to where you cant play with it. Other than that its fine. May not look the best, but shoots fine. I can constantly hit a 4 inch target from 30ft. I cleaned it after every use and oiled it well. Nelsons just arent for me.

Trade wise im not looking for any cheap nelsons (hammers,traccers, mavericks, hornets) and im not going to add cash to a deal. Only semis are automags, rainmakers, and maybe a cocker. Im mostly interested in sheridans but ill entertain offers. But im mostly looking for cash.

Price is $70. Money order preffered but once i figure out how to use my paypal ill alow that too, but thats only MO's for now.


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