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New 2003 WGP Autococker HEAVILY UPGRADED, LOOKS HOT $550 PICS negotiable

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THis is my teammates gun, the gun has been cared for perfectly, and has been run on HPA only

Up for sale is a 2003 WGP Autococker in GREEN. The marker comes with everything including the original box. The marker is decked with upgrades. I have put over $450 into this marker, and it shoots like an Orracle.

Because of the added parts and ups, the gun had to be fired, so it has been dry fired several times. I haven't used it on the field. You can see in the pictures (PM or email me for pics) the gun is new. Here is what I've done to it...

2003 WGP Autococker...
-Full ANS Chrome front block (ANS ram, 3 way, new LPR, hosing, etc). ($200+$20 install)
-New sidearms
-ANS venturi bolt with ANS chrome backblock
-AKALMP Sidewinder reg ($99.99)
-KAPP cocking rod
-ANS Guage
-Steel braided hose with WGP Black Magic Flame drop (chrome)
-An EGGY hopper
-And a ($90+) LONGBOW barrel

This marker performs like a pro and is completely tricked out. The marker looks OUTSTANDING.

$550 VERY negotiable.


[email protected]

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price lowered to 500,
Would u trade a stock tippy for it?
1) note the big letters that say "no trades"
2) a tippmann is worth less than 200 dollars, my teammate paid 350 for the gun, and 450 in upgrades, plus the 70$ eggy

thats 870$ total
lol a stock tippy..... if it wasnt green id take it..IMO its a awsome set up here guys better get this one while its still for sale!
Ya know street it was a thing we americans call a joke. I'm just looking for some poor shmuck who will trade because I'm sick of looking at it.
oh well, gun was sold today for around 600, thanks for your time guys
Tippy this is the second thread ive seen you asking to trade a tipy for a higher end marker...Do your self a favor and stop "joking"
ARE you sure thats a longbow, looks more like a afreak to me.
that picture has a freak on it, the gun was sold with a longbow
Bich never tell me what to do again
Never tell you to do what again? Make yourself look like a grade a certified retard? anyone in there right minds would drop kick you out a 20 story window for asking to trade a stock tippy for alot of the guns youve posted for. And if its a joke do yourself a favor and download a bunch of Comedy Central Standups your giving "Americans" a bad name...

Again Bich it was a JOKE my store has had a usedd stock tippy in it for the past 6 months and it won't move. So i figured I could get some shmuck on this stupid forum to trade a good gun for it so I could do a thing we store owners like to call "Turning a profit" say it with me T - U - R - N - I - N - G - A - P- R - O - F - I - T.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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