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I just got my BT-47 apex in the mail yesterday for my Tippmann Alpha Black. Before I got it i didnt think there was anyway it could do wht it says but man was i wrong.

I started out on the first setting and noticed little difference from my J&J Ceramic barrel. it was the same way for ramp levels 1-4. Levels 5 and 6 shoot the same distance as a flatline, but is much more accurate, in my opinion. I didn't find much use for levels 7 and 8. they shoot much further than a flatline, about 50 feet further, but are less accurate and in my opinion are almost useless.

Now for the trick shots. It did what it said about the curving features, but instead of going straight and then curving, it went one way then curved the other. Still, it was amazing that it actually worked. The dropshot is probably the only trick shot i'll ever use. This barrel is amazing for woodsball, but probably wouldn't be useful in speedball.This barrel is not paint picky either. I put crappy wal-mart balls through it and didn't bust any out of 500. All of you flatline lovers out there you might want to look out, because the apex is here to stay. Apex > Flatline

The only weakness i could find was that on the Super flatline levels (7&8) the balls were almost hitting the ground before rising again. This isn't very bad though, because of the extra distance your getting.

Overall i give this barrel an 8 out of ten. Nice work BT :tup
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