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New B/S/T Rules in effect!!!!

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Buy / Sell / Trade Forum Rules!

2.a. When creating a new thread, please place your thread in the correct B/S/T forum.

2.b. Do not incorporate every item you are advertising in the same thread unless they all fall under the correct forum. Keep all markers in the Marker Forums, all air systems in the Air Systems Forum, and so on.

3. The thread title should include the items incorporated in the thread as best as possible. No "Big Sale!" titles, or anything of the sort.

4. All items being advertised must be in the seller's possession. No threads containing pre-orders for sale.

5. The usual advertising (pictures, current physical/working conditions, specifications, contact information, etc.) is recommended but not required. However, threads with only "DM For Sale, $500", or anything similar, as the body will be deleted.

6.a. You are required to include a price for all items you are willing to sell. No "Make an offer" posts. This also means that our old "No exceptions, must include price" rule is no longer in use. Please make it clear exactly what you are looking to get from your items.

6.b. For all New In Box (NIB) items, all prices must be equal to or greater than that of the manufacture's Minimum Advertised Price (MAP Price).

7. No "Just seeing what I can get" threads are permitted. Serious B/S/T only.

8. You are not permitted to post eBay links of any kind outside of the EBAY section.

9. There will be absolutely no illegal items being sold in these forums. This includes firearms, drugs, etc.

10. No corporate advertising of any item is permitted unless you are the creator. EX: soft ears, gun stands, etc.

11.a. When posting, do not post in a member's thread commenting on their item/price/anything in a negative way causing them to lose any sales. All concerns must be sent through PM's.

11.b. No thread conversations are permitted. Again, talk to the seller through PM's if you have any questions or concerns.

12. Do not hijack other member's threads. Create your own thread, and sell your items there.

13.a. Thread starters, one thread "bump" per 24 hours is allowed.

13.b. Posters, do not bump a thread and ask for a bump on your own threads from them in return. This forum is small when compared to others, and thread bumping is basically unnecessary.

There will be zero tolerance! Failure to cooperate will result in thread closing/deleting, post deleting, warnings, or bans depending on the member status and severity of the violation. We will no longer let you know that you are violating a rule, we will simpley take action from there on. Every member should read and follow these rules. We will not notice every violation. You, as the member, should report the violater's post. Treat us, and your fellow members with respect, and come to us if you have any questions relating the B/S/T Forums or any other forum we moderate.

Thanks, all.
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