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Just got this off another forum courtesy KJ Hawley (Warpig)

I just saw a list of "marker rules" for the SPPL (Scenario Paintball Players' League). Aside from comments about the event itself, I thought their marker rules were interesting. I'll post the rules themselves below, but my questions to y'all are as follows:
1) In your opinion, would a standard set of scenario marker rules help or hurt scenario play?
2) Do you think their prohibition of electronic markers makes sense?

SPPL Rules (copied from - they have a pretty good explanation for these rules at their site. You may want to read it).
They follwing markers are not allowed:
"Any paintball marker that has been designed to fire at or is known to be capable or more than 15 rounds per second.
Any marker that appears to be in an unsafe operational mode or condition.
Any marker that the SPPL feels is unsafe or may violate one or more of the above conditions.
WDP Angel paintball markers of any type.
Matrix markers (DYE, Proto, DM3, LCD, LED, DM4, DM5, TMC, Gen-E and all variants)
Electro-Pneumatic Autocockers (Worr Blade, Eblade, E1, E2, Sandridge, Racegun, and all variants).
Electronic Automags.
Intimidator electro pneumatics of any type.
Smart parts Impulse, Nerve, Ion, SFT Shocker, and 2003 model or newer shocker and all variants of these.
Indian Creek Designs Bushmaster 2000, B2K, B2K2, Defiant, Freestyle, and all variants.
Any marker that you can adjust dwell, debounce, or into a non-legal firing mode on the field or without tools during a game."

The following markers ARE allowed:
All Spyder and Illustrator based blow-back markers including those using the factory electronic grip frame.
All mechanical Autocockers, Automags and other purely mechanical markers.
All Tippmanns including those using response trigger (if allowed by host field) and all Tippmann factory electronic grip frames.
Mechanical markers using a response-style trigger (if allowed by field.)
Automags with Center-Flag Hyperframe.
Autocockers with Sandridge electronic conversion.
Full auto, response, turbo, and burst modes that are not within the disallowed list if allowed by the host field's rules."

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Yeah this has brought tons of comments at warpig, a lot of scenario players there. Luckily it wont affect many games.
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