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While me and my dad were driving around one day we saw this flier that says "COME PLAY PAINTBALL" on it. So we followed the address to check this place out.

The address took us to a large house, with a metal fence around it, and on the metal fence was something about an aquarium center? yeah weird i know. well anyway we pull up the driveway to see this big hut type thing with paintball stuff in it, which was also used to fill co2 (they're a brand new field, no nitro compressor yet, you have to get nitro about 2 miles down the road at the owners' dad's house) we walk to the side of his house to see this massive netted in area with a really tiny airball field (not finished and only up on sundays) and a massssive field filled with plastic 50 gallon drums stacked up into pyramids and other shapes, with cars in it, towers, metal houses, lots of cool stuff for non-airball games. if you walk a ways back they also have an unfinished woodsball field that nobody is allowed to play in yet because theres no netting up yet, and the field is close to peoples houses.

the place is only open on the weekends, as this isn't the only guys job of course. you can byop for just 5 bucks anytime you want. co2 fills are like 3 bucks for a 20, 2 for a 12, ect. they dont offer all day air (yet) and like i said before dont currently have a nitro compressor. or you can buy fieldpaint for really good prices (45 a case for pmi premiums.) they only have one ref right now who on request will play with everyone if he sees there aren't any major problems with the players. to play all day from 11-7 is just 10 bucks. you can buy drinks and other random crap like barrel plugs, used guns, co2 tanks, masks, ect. also the owner will play with everyone along, and on occasion his son will play also. also the owner wont let you bunker people at first for some reason which is gay. but the owner is really nice. he let my dad rent a gun for free, play for free, use his co2 for free, and got 200 balls for free. thats alot of crap for free.
AWSOME prices
ref is great
pretty fun fields, although haven't played the woodsball field yet
just a place to hang out and have fun
nobody that is there has much experience, since word hasn't got around to more experienced players about this place yet.
airball field is kinda small yet but is in progress
can't play woodsball yet
only fills co2
kinda hard to find the place thanks to the aqaruim sign which is confusing
can't bunker people in the beggining

all in all its a good field to go to if you just wanna hang out with some friends and chill. not a good place for team practices though because you wont get much better.
the prices are incredible. the owner and his son are nice. and hes got two huge dogs who go around and eat the paintballs in the staging area. :D

it'll be better when the woodsball is open, they get nitro, and put up proper advritisment, and the airball gets better.

if you live near imlay city michigan (i do) check this place out
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