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Howdy my name is Glenn. Around the April time frame Im considering opening up an airsoft/paintball range.
Im presently operating on over 80 acres, consisting of various types of terrain and forestation (lots to none) including rivers and lakes.
Plans at the moment are for this to be sectioned into various play ares. One of these to have a "shoot house/kill house" for CQB scenario's.
Anywho Id like to set up a game or two (free of course) to get a feel for how many areas I should go with, also I want other players input on this and other stuff as well.
The location is near Oakdale La about 50 miles south of Alexandria.
Please email me at [email protected] for exact directions to the site also so I can set up a date and time so we can get at least 6 players together.
Thanx much
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