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Hi everyone, I am a new member to this forum and a 15 year old that is wanting to get into the paintball scene.

I have a little experience with paintball, I play in a woodsball field every couple weekends with some friends down the road from my house.

I usually play with my good friend's spyder rodeo, I found this gun to be pretty nice looking, but not the best at shooting.

I want to get a gun of my own, and i was looking at the Proto SLG and the Smart Parts Ion. But I have some questions about these two (mostly about the type of air they use) Are these guns any good? Do you recommend them?

They seem like really good quality entry level guns that can shoot pretty quick. 15BPS

But about the air supply these two guns use, compressed air or nitrogen? The spyder I was using was running on Co2 and the tank could easily be refilled at Wal-Mart for less then 4$

But what about the Compressed air tanks? And the nitrogen tanks?
Can they be refilled at Wal-Mart? If not where can they be refilled?
And how much does it cost to refill these two?

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You need to read the HPA Q&A sticky FIRST.

The Spyder VS1 is what I typically recommend to beginners. At 120$ with a new feedneck, it will shoot the mythical 15bps(you wont be shooting that fat with no ramping btw....) every newb wants, but will last longer and be simpler to fix.
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